Diversity Presentation and Panel Discussion at Teaching of Psychology Conference

Published on Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Yuya-Takeda-169x124Yuya Takeda (left), visiting instructor of Japanese and 2014 graduate (BA in psychology) and Terri Boulier (below, right) ‘2013 (BA in psychology, honors program), recently made a poster presentation and participated in a panel discussion at the 28th Annual Conference on the Teaching of Psychology:  Ideas and Innovations, held on April 5, 2014 in Farmingdale, N.Y.

Aspiring Scholars-Psychology - Theresa BoulierThe theme of the conference was particularly relevant to work being done at Becker College:  “Infusing Issues of Racial, Religious, and Sexuality Diversity Across the Undergraduate Curriculum.” The poster, titled, “I Succeeded or We Succeeded: Gender Difference in Use of Pronouns When Reporting Group Success and Failure,” focused on the results of a year-long research project, conducted as part of an advanced research methods course in psychology, an intercollegiate collaboration between Kerri Augusto, Ph.D. (Becker College) and Jennifer Prewitt-Freilino (Rhode Island School of Design).

In addition to the poster, Takeda and Boulier submitted a proposal describing their experiences with diversity at Becker, and were invited to be scheduled panel discussants.  They discussed their experiences with inclusion of religious, racial, and sexuality diversity in their college curriculum and their college experiences.

Takeda also presented “Connecting the rich cultural environment and the classroom in study abroad: Mixing explicit and implicit instruction,” at the American Association of Teachers of Japanese Annual Spring Conference, March 27 in Philadelphia.