Criminal Justice Articulation Between Becker College and Quinsigamond Community College Allows Seamless Transition to Bachelors Degree

Published on Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Dusting for fingerprints_criminal Justice (3)Becker College faculty and administration have signed an articulation agreement with Quinsigamond Community College (QCC), facilitating the transfer of students who have completed the associate of science in criminal justice at QCC to Becker to complete their bachelor of science degree in criminal justice.

“We are pleased to add criminal justice to the number of articulation agreements between Becker and QCC,” said President Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D. “Such agreements smooth the path from associate to baccalaureate degree and allow students to focus on excelling in their field and advancing their careers.”

“We are thrilled to work with Becker College in providing new channels for our students to continue their studies,” added Quinsigamond Community College President Dr. Gail Carberry.  “Our students now have a seamless route to a bachelor’s degree in a highly regarded field.”

Stephen Marini, assistant vice president of academic affairs at QCC adds, “Becker and QCC worked hard to ensure that QCC students would be able to transfer all of the credits from their A.S. degree to Becker, including electives.  This supports students by not requiring them to repeat or make up any course credits in order to enter the third year of Becker’s 4-year bachelor’s program.”

“Becker and QCC have worked cooperatively for a long time; the formalization of this agreement marks another step in that relationship,” said Elizabeth V. Fuller, Ed.D., vice president of academic affairs at Becker College.

Professor Kevin Woods, chair of the Department of Criminal Justice & Legal Studies at Becker, pointed out that most positions in federal law enforcement agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Secret Service, and Drug Enforcement Administration, require a bachelor’s degree. According to Professor Woods, as seniors, many students complete internships in criminal justice fields which often lead to permanent employment.

Becker College and QCC also have articulation agreements in liberal arts, psychology, and elementary education.