Comments (updated September 18) – President encourages employee feedback

Published on Friday, September 18th, 2009

Click here to view Comments on the President’s Breakfast. Updated September 18

Everyone is encouraged to e-mail questions and comments regarding the President’s Breakfast through Kathy Garvey, at,  who will remove identifying information, and they will be posted to—BEN – the Becker Employee intraNet—anonymously. Log in to BEN with the same username and password you use to log on to your computer.

Find COMMENTS in the From the President section. In future there will also be a Comments button on the first page of BEN.
The following reports that were presented this morning are available for viewing on BEN:
We are constantly working to make BEN a useful resource for Becker employees. Please check back frequently for improvements, news, and resources. Items on BEN include the Becker College employee handbook, organizational chart, and forms and the Becker College Style Guide are in the process of migrating to BEN. Employees are encouraged to share ideas, comments, and questions by e-mailing Kathy Garvey. Please use the subject – COMMENTS – and include the topic on which you are commenting.
Ways to reach BEN:
Click here to go to BEN.
Paste the following URL into your browser to access BEN, and then log in:

Access BEN by visiting the Becker College website,, and find BEN at the bottom of the Quicklinks list.
Access BEN by visiting the Becker College website,, click on All Faculty & Staff and click on BEN – Becker Employee intraNet, on the list of links under General Information.