Becker Students Help Haiti with Creole, Funds and Prayers

Published on Friday, January 22nd, 2010

The prolonged suffering of the people of Haiti, their families and friends, from last week’s tragic earthquake and its aftershocks has spurred governments and individuals into action. When many are searching for ways to make a difference, a group of Becker College students gathered  on Wednesday, January 20, the first day of spring classes, to create a new student organization to help.

The group is so new they have not yet chosen a name, but they have coordinated a nondenomiational prayer service and a fundraiser. They have not yet found an outlet for one of their greatest resources, more than 10 fluent Creole speakers. Some students have indicated that the languages spoken by many of the relief workers – Spanish and French – are not the languages understood or spoken by most of the people of Haiti.

Prayers for Haiti takes place today at 3:00 p.m. in the Hawk’s Nest on the Worcester campus. This is a non-denominational  event held in response to the efforts of several of our Haitian-American students.  The purpose is to provide an opportunity for the college community to express its support for our students, their families, other members of our extended college family, and the people of Haiti.  Transportation from the Leicester campus will be provided.

This new student group will also begin fundraising today.  Donations will be recognized by posting a  “water bottle” on the wall in prominent locations on the Worcester and Leicester campuses. Proceeds will be donated to Save the Children – Haiti. 

The Becker College counseling staff has reached out to all students to offer support at this difficult time.