Becker Student-Athletes Give Sports Clinics at Elm Park Community School

Published on Monday, November 30th, 2009

In an ongoing partnership between Becker College and Elm Park Community School in Worcester, Becker student-athletes are visiting the school for a series of sports clinics, including soccer and hockey.

Members of the Lady Hawks soccer team recently held a soccer clinic for a group of fourth and fifth grade girls. The lingering warm weather in November made the new athletic field at Elm Park Community School an ideal setting to put the girls through their paces.

Senior Catherine Millette wrote her own account of the clinic:

The Becker College Women’s Soccer Team and the Elm Park Community School came together on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 to put together a soccer clinic for 14 young school girls. The clinic ran from 2:30-4:00 p.m. and consisted of about 15 members of the women’s soccer team dedicating their time to help teach these young girls how to play soccer. We started off in the gym by handing out t-shirts to the girls which they loved! We then proceeded to take the girls outside where we asked them some questions about soccer and warmed them up. Then we talked to the girls about the different positions to play in soccer and which position they liked the best. We split the girls up into groups according to position and worked on skills within that position.

I was in charge of the midfield group alongside co-captain Caitlin North and fellow senior Alyssa Alves. After the skill breakdown was over, we put the girls on teams of 7 vs. 7 and had them play a mini game and apply what they had learned over the course of the clinic. When the clinic was over we brought the girls into the gym and discussed what they learned and if they enjoyed the clinic.

Overall this was a great experience. Personally, I would eventually like to work with children and this was a great start to my future career. Most of the girls on the team are exercise science or sports management majors and I’m sure this gave them some heads up on future careers. I hope to continue this wonderful experience in working with girls and teaching them skills that will help them on and off the field.