Becker Professor Awarded Top Literary Prize

Published on Monday, February 16th, 2009

Vladimir Pistalo, Ph.D., associate professor of liberal arts at Becker College, has received the NIN Literary Award for best novel of 2008. Considered one of the highest honors for Serbian contemporary authors, Pistalo was recognized for his novel, Tesla: Portrait Among the Masks, a creative recounting of the life of the legendary Serbian-American inventor.

Dr. Pistalo told Serbian newspaper, Blic, “It is not only the story about Tesla’s life, but about the great historical change in the period between 1856-1943. Tesla lived in different countries, so the ‘characters’ in a book are different geographic locations and periods.”

In an interview with Radio Srbija, when asked if he thought “Tesla’s magic” had something to do with his winning the award, Dr. Pistalo replied, “I think that the book has a life of its own, which is related to the energy surrounding Tesla’s name.”

Dr. Pistalo’s receipt of the NIN Award also garnered a mention in The New Yorker’s online “The Book Bench.”

A citizen of the United States since 2002, Dr. Pistalo has authored 10 books and numerous stories. He teaches U.S. and world history and intercultural communication at Becker.

The award was presented to Dr. Pistalo on January 30 at Belgrade City Hall, Serbia. The NIN Literary Award is presented by the Serbian weekly, NIN, an acronym for Nedeljne Informativne Novine, roughly translated as, Weekly Informative Newspaper.

Video of interviews in Serbia:

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