Becker Professor at Civitella Ranieri Center

Published on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Vladimir Pistalo, Ph.D., associate professor of liberal arts at Becker College is spending time this summer at the Civitella Ranieri Center in the Umbria region of Italy. Dt. Pistalo was recently recognized with the NIN Literary Award for best novel of 2008 for Tesla: Portrait Among the Masks, a creative recounting of the life of the legendary Serbian-American inventor.

Dr. Pistalo began his summer with an invitation from the Montenegro festival, Budva – The Theatre City Budva, to be the “honorary guest-star” at the festival’s Poet’s Corner. An organizer of the literary portion of the festival told News that the Poet’s Corner would be “presenting only the best from former Serbo-Croatian speaking countries.”

A citizen of the United States since 2002, Dr. Pistalo has authored 10 books and numerous stories. He teaches U.S. and world history and intercultural communication at Becker.

The mission of the Civitella Ranieri Foundation is to bring together visual artists, writers and musicians from around the world who demonstrate exceptional talent and an enduring commitment to their disciplines. The guiding principle of the nomination and selection process is to attract highly-qualified individuals who represent a full range of artistic backgrounds and practices.

Click here and here to see Dr. Pistalo at the Civitella.