Becker College Student Is Contestant on NPR Show, “Ask Me Another”

Published on Friday, April 12th, 2013

Junior game design student Brian Little has been a fan of the National Public Radio show, “Ask Me Another,” since he heard about it from Jonathan Coulton, the show’s main in-house musician—before its first broadcast. He even attended a recording of what would be the first broadcast episode. Little wonder then, that he would become a guest—on the broadcast which aired Friday, April 12, 2013.

“You get a questionnaire that attempts to ascertain your trivia knowledge in a variety of categories, so they can assess what you are good at and place you in a round where you should know a lot of the answers,” said Little, about the contestant application process. “When I filled out [the questionnaire for the second season] I felt like I did really well. I got a call from one of the show’s producers, and luckily I was able to get on the episode that was taped on President’s Day, so I didn’t have to miss my classes at Becker!

“Being on the show was very exciting, and since it was, I think, the fourth show I had attended, I was very familiar with the format,” Little continued. “Waiting in the contestant’s area was interesting since I found myself playing along with all the rounds (mine was second to last) and knew most of the answers, so I felt like I was in the zone to play. I think the most interesting part of it was being up on stage –they always tell the contestants that you’ll forget a lot of stuff when you’re up there, and that definitely happened to me!”

Little described his experience on the “Ask Me Another” stage. “The question I was surprised to have the most trouble with was during my first round. Our challenge was to figure out what the next item was in a series, and logic puzzles are something I am usually very good at. However, they started naming Harry Potter books, and I have read all of them, but the one they wanted was Order of the Phoenix, which was my least favorite of the series. The other contestant also couldn’t remember the name. Just before time ran out it finally came to me.”

Jonathan Coulton was the musical guest on the show, Little said, and the special guest was Mike Rugnetta, host of the YouTube series, “PBS Idea Channel.”

Click here to listen to the full episode, “Meme me up, Scotty.”

Originally from Louisiana, Little has served as a 2012 intern with the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI) Summer Innovation program, and as a museum education volunteer at Old Sturbridge Village, in Sturbridge, Mass.