Becker College Launches New Teacher Education Program

Published on Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Becker College, an innovator in career-oriented education, is introducing a new teacher education program designed with flexibility in mind to help both graduating high school students and returning adult students become elementary education teachers faster.

The Becker Start Teaching!™  program offers a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts with a concentration in elementary education.  “We specifically designed our new Start Teaching! program to help students prepare for state teacher licensure, providing them a competitive edge in their entry into the teaching field upon graduation,” said Dr. Raj Pathi, vice president of academic affairs.

Students can take advantage of an accelerated schedule and graduate in under four years—all while gaining practical, real-world teaching experience in the classroom.  “The first two years of Start Teaching!™ are spent in a traditional liberal arts degree program,” explained Jim Stone, dean of humanities and sciences. “But in years three and four, our accelerated schedule enables students to gain practical work experience during the day while continuing their studies through evening courses. In many cases, students can graduate in just 3 ½ years.”

Adult returning students who have prior academic experience may also be able to apply existing credits to their degree.  For those who lack prior college experience, Becker also offers Pathways, a program designed to provide the foundation needed to succeed in the accelerated bachelor’s degree programs available at the College.  “Adult returning students will find Becker’s accelerated program supportive and thoughtful to their individual lifestyles—whether they bring prior college experience or are just returning to the classroom for the first time since high school,” said Linda Esper, dean of the Center for Accelerated and Professional Studies.