Becker Blogs

Published on Monday, November 1st, 2010

Becker College launches two new blogs this week: President Robert Johnson’s President’s Blog and MASS Impact, an extension of the Becker College MASS Impact project.

President Johnson has made the inaugural post, “Students, how can we support your success?” on his own weekly blog. He says, “I will be writing weekly about topics of specific interest to current and prospective students and their families and also of general interest, and I invite you to participate in this extension of the Becker College community.” He goes on to stress to students the importance of participating in their own success and he urges them to engage the resources available to them, academically and socially, to ensure a positive experience at Becker.

The second blog is an extension of the Becker College MASS Impact project, a leadership forum series for conversations, discussions and initiatives related to areas of academic excellence at Becker College. The first MASS Impact forum, “Video games, economic development and job creation—a roadmap for the future,” was held on October 19. The blog,, will include updates on the collaborative efforts of Becker and other academic institutions, the video game industry and government to foster the growth of a video game industry cluster in Massachusetts.

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