Becker Alumnus Hired as Military Liaison and PCAP Recruiter

Published on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Becker College has appointed 1LT Brian McNeil as a military liaison for its PCAP (Patriots College Access Program) initiative. Lt. McNeil is a decorated officer in the National Guard; he returned in April from active duty in Iraq.

Reaching out to veterans’ affairs organizations and attending veterans’ services-focused events, Lt. McNeil will be promoting and recruiting for PCAP, Becker’s financial and academic assistance program aimed at increasing active duty, Reserve and National Guard veterans’ choices in pursuing an affordable college education.

McNeil provided similar services for military members, as tuition assistance manager for Joint Forces Headquarters. Previously, he held positions in law offices, and worked in business development for Morgan Stanley. He earned an A.S. in paralegal studies at Becker College and a B.S. in economics at Clark University.