Becker Alumna Grants $250,000 for Science Labs

Published on Monday, July 7th, 2008

Becker College announces the completion of renovations to one of three science laboratories on its campus in Leicester, Mass. The biology laboratory was completely renovated with new technology, including a Probeworks System, digital microscopes, computer monitors, as well as new ventilation, lighting and more efficient workspaces.

Funding for the project was provided by a $250,000  grant from the Allerton Foundation. Renovations to the chemistry laboratory, also funded by the grant,  are being planned and will begin in summer 2009. Diane A. Myer, who graduated from Becker in 1981 with a degree in social services, is a trustee of the Allerton Foundation.

“The support of Ms. Myer and the Allerton Foundation has enabled Becker to significantly enhance the student experience.  The completion of this project and others such as the new athletic field, Barrett Hall, the college’s new dormitory and renovations to Daniel’s Auditorium will have a beneficial impact on student success.” said Dean Hickey ’83, vice president of development and alumni affairs. “This investment in our infrastructure will enable the college to maintain its leadership position in animal science education and address the increasing shortage of professionals who provide animal care in various settings, including veterinary clinics, laboratories, and animal shelters.”

“The laboratories support a number of majors at Becker,” said Elizabeth V. Fuller, PT, Ed.D., dean of academic affairs. “Students are energized, doing better work in this new space, and it is gratifying to see our investments improving the student experience.”

Becker dedicated the Lenfest Animal Health Center, a teaching veterinary clinic, open to the public, on its Leicester campus, to Ms. Myer and her family in 1997, in honor of their support of animal care programs at the college.