Author and Professor Vladimir Pistalo's New Novel Awarded Serbia's Golden Hit Liber

Published on Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Vladimir Pistalo, Ph.D, associate professor of liberal arts, was traveling in December 2011 to promote his latest novel, Venice, when he announced that he had been awarded The Golden Hit Liber, given by Serbian National Television to the most prominent prose book published in Serbia in 2011.

“Venice is not only the most beautiful place on Earth, it is also one of the oldest,” said Professor Pistalo. “Venetian archives date back to the eight century and are so vast that their written sheets could encompass the planet several times. I tried to tell some of these stories in my book; Venice was like the New York City of the 12th century.”

Dr. Pistalo has authored 11 books and numerous stories. He was recognized for his bestselling novel, Tesla: Portrait Among the Masks, a creative recounting of the life of the legendary Serbian-American inventor, Nikola Tesla, with the NIN Literary Award for best novel of 2008, one of the highest honors for Serbian contemporary authors.

During his time away from campus, Dr. Pistalo travels extensively, doing readings of his work; attending conferences, including the International PEN Congress in Tokyo; doing interviews in international media; and writing for the Serbian website and publication Politika. Below is in an interview with Dr. Pistalo at the Leipzig Book Fair, in March 2011.