Accelerated Education Majors are Teachers at the EcoTarium

Published on Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

Accelerated Education majors at Becker College will have a chance to be instructors on Nov. 29 at 1 p.m. as they run “table top demonstrations and hands-on activities” at the EcoTarium in Worcester based on subjects that were covered in biology classes.

“One of the concepts we explored,” says Professor Susan M. Nava-Whitehead, PhD, “was effective delivery of content…what works, what do students remember, and what excites young people about learning? The answers always led us to hands-on kinesthetic activities.”

Whitehead’s connection to the EcoTarium started at a program committee meeting when one of the staff spoke about the talent in the Worcester colleges and wondered how to connect these students with patrons. As part of the Accelerated Issues in Biology class, the students need to create a lesson plan that involves a field trip to a local institution, so the needs came together.

Some of the table top programs at the EcoTarium on Nov. 29 include: Build Your Own DNA Molecule; Bubble Bombs; The Cabbage Knows If You Are Sour; The Mystery of Pi; and The Plight of the Polar Bear.