Inauguration Committee

Jean Blackmer ´03, Director of Student Activities

David Bousquet, Campus Police Chief

Ken Cameron, Vice President, Student Affairs

Joe Corey ´12, Student Representative

Dr. Paul Cotnoir, Chair, Design Department

Kevin Coyne ´12, Student Representative

Meagan Cross ´14, Student Representative

Dr. Maggie Delano, Professor of Animal Sciences

Raffi Der Simonian, Interim Director of Marketing

Tracy Dill, Corporator

John Dorsey, Professor of Law

Linda Esper, Dean of Health Sciences

Sue Ann Goodwin ´70, Alumni Representative

Dean Hickey ´83, Vice President

Shelly John, Community Representative

Patricia Kalinowski ´71, Executive Assistant to the President

Robert Kennedy, General Manager, Mechanics hall

Jay Lacke, Director of Online Education

Ken Lapierre, Assistant Director, Facilities

Sandy Lashin-Curewitz, Director of Communications

Tim Loew, Director of Academic Planning

Mary Maloney ´97, Major Gifts Officer

Colleen L. Bielitz, Dean of Accelerated and Professional Studies

Keith O´Hara, Bookstore Manager – Follett

Rev. Dr. Debbie Pallatto-Fontaine, Professor of Teacher Education and Family Studies

Anne Sroka, Special Assistant to the President

Judy Tonelli-Brown, Creative Services Manager

Francis Torres ´12, Student Representative

Caitlin Visscher ´08, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

Ex Officio

Robert E. Johnson, President

Michelle Jones-Johnson, First Lady