The Three Pillars, part 1

I had a conversation recently, about the “three pillars” of global citizenship. This is a topic I will return to often as I move into the next six months of my presidency. We joked about what the physical pillars should look like-Ionic or Doric? Given Becker´s continued success in videogame design-digital technology-maybe holographic pillars would [...]

Possibility Thinking

Socioeconomics persists as one of the greatest challenges to academic success. The recent release of The Nation´s Report Card for grade 12 in reading and math seems to bear this out. Black and Hispanic students score 26 points lower than White students in reading and at least 30 points lower in math. Math scores are [...]

Responsibility and Accountability

In my four months as president of Becker College, responsibility and accountability are recurring themes in many conversations. In fact, together, they are one of my strategic priorities for moving the College forward. I believe that Becker College is in business, ultimately, for our students, and that makes all of us responsible and accountable. Our [...]