Students, how can we support your success?

You have just survived midterms, and thoughts of your college success have probably been front and center lately. Did you ace your tests, and are you feeling proud that the hours of studying you invested paid off? Did you not do so well, and are you having second thoughts about some of the choices you made? So I ask, how can we support your success?

I want to make it clear that I have high expectations. My administration and staff know that I have high expectations. I have high expectations of you, because I know that you and your families have high expectations of Becker College. When I attended Morehouse College, it was drilled into us from day one until graduation: “You will make a difference.” And I have been fortunate to have mentors that have supported me in that mission. This is something I want to share with Becker College students. You face a future of change unlike any other generation, and we intend for you to leave Becker as highly educated, responsible citizens, prepared to contribute to a global society.

Grades play a significant part in having a successful college experience, but they are only the most obvious part. Your choices directly reflect how successful you will be in college. If your roommate, or another student on your floor, is being too loud, affecting your ability to concentrate while studying, you have choices: a) ask them to be quiet, b) move to a quieter location, or c) consider where and when are the best places and times for you to study, and plan accordingly.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, whether it is by an uncooperative housemate, homework, class load or other issues that affect your success at Becker College, I urge you to ask for help. How can we support your success?

There are many places to turn to for help: RAs and residence life staff for resident students; student affairs staff for all students; advisors, professors and the Collaborative Learning Center for academic help; student administrative services to help navigate your accounts; counseling and health services to help support your emotional and physical success; and campus safety staff to protect you and inform you about how to protect yourselves and each other.

You must make the choice to participate in your own success. We are here to support your success and help you discover positive choices. I believe the best ideas come from you, so tell me, how can we support your success?