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Hello, MASS Impact devotees, we’ve included below a number of news flashes and links to recent press coverage of Becker College videogame program activities.

Some Becker videogame students have started their own businesses. Cody Olivier and the Niemi brothers, Andrew and Jonathan, have already created games and taken them to market. Cody recreated the classic board game Mastermind for the iPhone and iPod Touch and is about to release two new titles through his company, Third Pixel Studios. The Niemis (who also have a band by the same name) have released Cannon Duel and Bombardment, both available on iTunes, through their company, Horseplay.

Seniors Shaun Dutton and Adam DeZago are offering their games for free, but they’re racking up plenty of marketable portfolio experience. They created IDA (Infection Detection Assistant), a series of mini mobile games integrated into the PAX East experience; players solve puzzles in search of a cure for an unknown contagion that has infected the public. IDA is available for free download on iTunes. And the pair were behind last fall’s Race for the Ballot, that allowed the public—including  Mass High Tech‘s Rodney Brown and Worcester Mayor Joe O’Brien—to select a Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate and race that candidate on a track toward Beacon Hill, all while avoiding opposing candidates, red tape and even pork barrel spending.

Race for the Ballot’s “serious” mix of games and politics drew the attention of The Chronicle of Higher Education. And speaking Aydenof drawing attention, Bailey Applegate’s anime drawings were featured in an article about student videogame artists in Beckett’s Massive Online Gamer.

CBS 4 reported that “Massachusetts is Getting Serious About Video Games,” and posted a poll question so readers could weigh in.

Senior graphic design student Katey Khaos has written a number of game articles for Pulse Magazine, and she covered preparations for PAX East 2011 in “Get Your Game on.”

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