Boston Globe provides forum for debate over videogame tax credits

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz on 02.11.11 in News

The public can come down on either side of the debate over videogame tax credits, by voting in a poll on’s blog,The Angle.

The blog references the Globe‘s recent forays into the issue:

  • a January 24 editorial in support of tax credits as a means to retain and grow the videogame industry in Massachusetts
  • Edward Glaeser’s January 27 response, which clarifies differences between the videogame proposal and the failed Evergreen Solar tax incentive deal, but warns Massachusetts to “not play favorites.”Becker College student videogame developers
  • a February 3 report by Hiawatha Bray on State Representative Vincent Pedone’s proposal of financial incentives to help boost the growth of the videogame and digital media industry in the state

In addition to the Globe, Associated Press Boston reporter Bob Salsberg filed a story which ran on, in The Boston HeraldThe Worcester Telegram & Gazette and a number of national media outlets. Baystate videogame company executives told Salsberg that “local colleges and universities offer an impressive talent pool,” but “high costs in Massachusetts can inhibit startups and firms looking to expand.”

Ken Surdan, vice president of operations at Turbine Inc., in Needham, told Mass High Tech‘s Rodney Brown, in a February 2 article, “We can all reach our own conclusions of which parts we like and don’t like,” he said, “but as a game industry, we worked hard to come up with a balanced approach, in which companies have obligations.”

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