Student Eligibility Criteria

If you meet all criteria below, you may enter the Study Abroad Exploration Process before the corresponding deadline. Start by scheduling an appointment with the Study Abroad Coordinator. (If you are unsure of your standing, you may still schedule an appointment.)

  • Class year:  Must be enrolled in a bachelor's degree program at Becker College and have completed at least 60 credits (sophomore year) before the start of prospective program; at least 30 of the credits must have been completed at Becker College. Travel before Junior year or before the completion of 60 credits will be at the discretion of the study abroad coordinator and Dr. Betsy Fuller.
  • Enrollment status: Must be a full-time student enrolled in classes at Becker College the semester prior to the desired study abroad period; must plan to return to Becker College the semester after the study abroad period.
  • GPA: Must be equal to, or higher than, the minimum GPA for your program of interest, as published on the study abroad partner's website. Review the web page about your program of interest to obtain this information.
  • Standing: Student must be in good financial and judicial standing with Becker College.
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