Study Abroad Exploration and Application Process Responsibilities, Conditions, and Considerations

Exploration Process

  • Students are responsible for locating a reputable study abroad program that fits their major and degree program at Becker College.
  • Students are responsible for conducting the Exploration Process and meeting all exploration deadlines administered by the College. Failure to comply or meet deadlines may result in termination of the process.

Application Process

  • Approval by Becker College during the exploration process does not mean the study abroad provider will automatically accept student applications. Becker College does not make or influence the provider's decisions.
  • Students are fully responsible for submitting the application and associated fees to the provider in the format that fits their requirements, and are responsible for all follow-up communication with the provider.

Financial Considerations

  • Students are fully responsible for fulfilling all costs associated with the study abroad provider, programs, and experience they pursue, which include but are not limited to: application fee, tuition, room/board, program fees, transportation, course work accreditation fee (after returning), and more.
  • In addition to financial aid or scholarships that might be offered by the program provider (CIS or Semester at Sea), federal aid is available. To obtain federal aid, you need to provide the Becker College Office of Financial Aid with a signed Consortium Agreement for the program you plan to attend. Institutional and state aid is not available for study abroad.

Academic Considerations

  • Pre-approved courses that are completed through one of the Becker College affiliate programs (CIS or Semester at Sea) will transfer to Becker College with the awarded grade after receipt of the official transcript.
  • Courses that are not pre-approved or programs that are not affiliated with Becker College will need to be evaluated by an international academic accreditation service upon completion, at the cost of the student.  In this case, courses can only be transferred if the student obtains a grade of C or higher, and would appear on the Becker College transcript as credit without a grade.
  • A study abroad term might not fulfill the recommended graduation requirements for the scheduled term in a Becker College program. This might result in a student needing to fulfill missed requirements during later terms, or extending his/her originally intended graduation date.