Global Academic Offerings

Becker College developed  interdisciplinary programs in Global Citizenship as part of its participating in the American Council on Education (ACE) Internationalization Laboratory project.

Global Citizenship Concentration

Through this concentration, students interested in worldwide societies and cultures, international markets, government, and issues related to justice and social responsibility will uncover an inspiring course of study for understanding our ever-changing world. Courses cover a wide range of areas, including anthropology, history, religion, literature, business, social psychology, global citizenship and community engagement, and more. Opportunities for travel, service learning immersion, and internships are integrated into the curriculum.

Global Citizenship Minor

Students who elect to minor in Global Citizenship focus their coursework on putting the Becker College Global Citizenship Attribute Statement and Core Values of community, diversity, and social responsibility into action. Students will take required courses that give them a broad understanding of diversity, communication, and engagement with a global community, as well as electives that allow them to sharpen their focus on specific issues.

Global Citizenship and Community Engagement Course

The Global Citizenship and Community Engagement course will focus on global citizenship, in general, and the value of and commitment to local service learning in particular. This course will serve to enhance our institutional priority for global and community engagement. The course also relates to the mission of the college and its core values of community, diversity, and social responsibility.

This course will combine an academic study of the foundations of global citizenship with direct involvement in the experience of community outreach. Woven into the course will be an emphasis on various skills needed in interacting with others in diverse communities. Emphasis is on social responsibility, civic engagement, interpersonal and leadership skills, and critical analysis appreciation for diversity.

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