Global Citizenship

Becker College is a private four-year institution committed to delivering to each student a transformational learning experience that prepares them to thrive, contribute to, and lead in a global society. It is distinctive for its professionally focused programs, its intimate living and learning environment, its two unique campuses, its diversity, and its emphasis on Global Citizenship.

Global Citizenship touches all aspects of life at Becker College — from academics, community service, and student leadership, to campus activities, clubs, and social interaction. Our Global Citizenship website serves as a resource for prospective and current international students, the broader student and College community, current and prospective partners in Global Citizenship, and for neighbors near and far, to expand horizons and to join us in evolving into true global citizens.

Global learning typically includes:

  • Knowledge of other world regions and cultures;
  • Familiarity with international and global issues;
  • Skills in working effectively in global or cross-cultural environments, and using information from different sources around the world;
  • The ability to communicate in multiple languages; and
  • Dispositions towards respect and concern for other cultures and peoples.

Global Citizenship is a major initiative at Becker College. In spring 2012, Becker was invited to participate in the American Council on Education’s (ACE) Internationalization Laboratory, a learning community that assists participating institutions in developing a strategy for comprehensive internationalization and assessing their progress toward their goals. Becker College joined eight other colleges and universities across the country in this initiative in fall 2012.