Becker Criminal Justice Grows, with a New Facility, Programs, and a Game

Published on Monday, December 16th, 2013

In the 25 years since Becker College launched its Criminal Justice Program, crime has evolved. In its 25th anniversary year, Becker has built a mock crime scene lab, added three new concentrations to its bachelor of science degree in criminal justice, and launched an alumni-created crime-solving video game.

To enhance hands-on teaching in criminal justice, Becker has added the John Dorsey, Esq. Crime Scene Lab, an on-campus facility where students will learn the basic skills for crime scene processing. At this simulation site, students will assess a crime scene, understand the nature of physical evidence, learn the proper actions of the initial responding officer, and perform such evidence recognition and preservation tasks as plaster casting, fingerprint detection and collection, as well as blood spatter, hair and fiber analysis. Students will also learn how to follow proper chain-of-evidence sequences. Emphasis will be placed on documenting a crime scene using state-of-the art photography equipment, as well as crime scene sketching and mapping techniques.

In addition to its concentration in forensic science/crime scene processing, Becker has added paths to growing areas in the legal profession: pre-law, policing/law enforcement, and domestic counter-terrorism studies/policy and management.

The product of an inter-department collaboration, “The Becker Blue Line,” a PC game created by Becker Interactive Media Design alumnus Breeze Grigas, immerses players in a mysterious case with Officer H. T. Hawk and explores criminal investigation techniques.