The Becker College Gateway Program is designed to give you a head start before your freshman year even begins. This three-week summer program provides you with the opportunity to learn the skills you need to succeed academically during your first year of college. Included in the Gateway Program are a foundations math or English course, the Student Success Workshop, and a variety of activities that will help you transition to Becker College. Students not required to take a foundations course will complete INFO 1001 (Technology and Society).

Students who successfully complete the Gateway Program during the summer are at an advantage when the fall semester begins. Completion of the foundations course gives you room in your fall schedule for another course and helps you gain valuable tools for success as a college student. Completion of the Technology and Society course allows you to make the adjustment to college more quickly and earn credits toward graduation. Best of all, participation in the Gateway Program is affordable. The $550 registration fee includes on-campus dining and accommodations.

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