Why Support Becker?

Your annual gift to The Becker Fund will help advance the College’s mission and assist in enabling deserving students to learn from qualified faculty in high-quality facilities.

Did you know?

  • A gift to Becker’s Annual Fund supports scholarships, academic achievement, historic preservation, new programs, and more.
  • The higher the percentage of Becker alumni who contribute, the more qualified we become to receive grants and foundation awards.
  • Your gift, however large or small, makes a difference!

I support Becker’s Annual Fund because…

“As an alumnus, I wish to contribute in support of Becker College because it provided the foundation for my success in the accounting field.”
Richard E. Bergquist ’49

“I'm happy to give back to the Becker community. The College was a great fit for me, and I’m excited to see the traditions continue.”
Bob Martin ’03

“I give to the Becker Annual Fund because I am committed to the betterment of Becker.”
Johanna LeClair ’00 (undergrad) & ’11 (accelerated)
President, Becker Alumni Association

“The education I received at Becker was instrumental in achieving a successful career and, in turn, afforded me the opportunity to help provide college educations for our three children. It is of vital importance that we donate to the Annual Fund so that young people are afforded every opportunity to attain their goals.”
Lillian (Carignan) Yvon ’67

“My four years at Becker College brought so many good opportunities and people into my life, and I want others to be able to have the same experience.”
Jennifer Nieman ’07

“I believe it’s important to support those institutions that helped me along the path to success, and I am pleased to know my contribution will help a new generation of students along their own path.”
Linda C. Looft ’91

“Becker demonstrates to each student and their families that the American dream is possible. I am proud to contribute to that vision.”
Andy Mazur ’72LJC

“I support the Alumni Fund (scholarships) so other students may be offered the same Becker experience. We changed the world!”
Bobbi (Pilvinis) Martiniano ’73

“Getting my degree was a long-term goal for me. I earned my bachelor’s degree through Becker’s Accelerated & Professional Studies program. It’s a great program for anyone who is already in the workforce. It’s important to me to help others achieve their goal of earning a degree.”
JoAnne Legacy ’08

“I am so proud of my heritage at Becker and think of how far I have come because of it. I came from a very small town in southern New Hampshire, just north of Boston (Kingston). My mother was a school teacher and I owe a great deal to her, as well as to Becker, for my adventurous journey from that small town to the Foreign Service (Department of State), where I was fortunate enough to travel all over the world and encounter some very unexpected adventures in the most remote parts of civilization, particularly in Africa, the Middle East, and southeast Asia. At my advanced age, it is satisfying to read my life story (which has been rewritten more than once) and to realize that I owe a great deal to my foundation at Becker all those years ago.”
Constance McDowell ’42

“As an alum, I am pleased to support Becker College, knowing the reputation it holds in the higher education community and the distinguished graduates it produces.”
Paula Ruozzi ’72

“I know my contribution to the Annual Fund offers students the same opportunity for success as I was able to enjoy. Alumni gifts help provide for students’ continuing success while attending Becker College and preparing for their future careers, so I am pleased to be contributing to this end.”
Bessie (Adams) Myhr ’53

“I am pleased to support the Alumni Fund. I feel that all gifts, whatever the size, help give students the opportunities Becker has to offer.”
Jane Fletcher ’61

“Becker was a turning point in my life, and I am so happy to be in a position to donate funds that may help other students succeed there as well.”
Gretchen Hartigan ’92

“It has been a pleasure to be able to make a contribution toward the Becker Alumni Fund, knowing that someone will get the help they need to continue their education. Also, it’s a great benefit for the overall success for the student’s future.”
Andrew Floriani ’00

“Becker gave me the knowledge and confidence to succeed in the business world. For that, I am grateful.”
Stanley V. Skamarycz ’50

“I support Becker's Annual Fund because I’m proud to give back to the institution that helped open so many doors for me throughout my lifetime.”
Ed Fendell ’51

“It is gratifying to me knowing I am helping a student by giving to the scholarship fund every year.”
Debbie (Rutkowski) Bordage ’80, ’06

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