Spring Open House 2015

Explore your options at Becker College’s Spring Open House. One of the best ways to truly learn about a college is to visit campus, talk with students and professors, and experience if it’s the right fit for you. Our Spring Open House is the perfect opportunity for you to do this and so much more!

Our Spring Open House is divided into two sessions – a morning session on our Leicester, MA campus and an afternoon session on our Worcester, MA campus. Which should you attend? Ideally, you should select the session that matches with your major (see schedules below – majors/programs of study are listed under the ‘Academic Presentations’ section)*. In addition to participating in sessions, you can take a tour of that campus. Either before or after, you can also visit the other campus and take an additional tour. For example – if you are interested in studying a major on the Leicester Campus, then you should register and participate in the Leicester Campus morning program and afterwards go to the Worcester Campus for an additional tour. If you are interested in studying a major that is on the Worcester Campus, you should first tour the Leicester Campus in the morning, participate in some of the sessions (Admissions & Financial Aid, Student Activities, and Athletics) and then go to the Worcester Campus and participate in the afternoon programs and tours. Please review the schedules below and then register for the session that best suits your intended program of study:

Leicester Campus Program

9 am – 1 pm

  • Academic Presentations*:
    • Animal Studies/Veterinary
    • Exercise Science
    • Biology
  • Leicester Campus Tours
  • Veterinary Clinic Tours
  • Equine Center Tours
  • Admissions & Financial Aid Session
  • Student Activities Session
  • Athletics Session

Worcester Campus Program:

1 pm – 4 pm

  • Academic Presentations*:
    • Design: Game, Communications, Graphic
    • Nursing
    • Criminal Justice
    • Psychology
    • Early Childhood & Youth Education
    • Business
    • Data Analytics
  • Worcester Campus Tours
  • Forensic Crime Scene Lab Tours
  • Nursing Simulation Lab Tours

It’s a new beginning for you – a time of change. Are you ready to Be the change?

Directions to Leicester Campus Click Here.  Directions to Worcester Campus Click Here.

Come visit us by registering below!!  


Becker College Spring Open House 2015


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