At Becker College, our core values are central to our community: excellence, accountability, community and diversity, social responsibility, integrity, and creative expression. With respect to these values, the Office of Admissions gives careful consideration to the circumstances of a suspension or disciplinary action reported by a high school or high school student. Those who have applied or been admitted to Becker and report disciplinary action for participation in peaceful protests related to issues of public concern will not be disadvantaged in the application process.  


High School Applicants

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First-Year Students

To be considered for admission, applicants should have an earned GPA of 2.0 or better in a college preparatory curriculum (2.5 minimum GPA for consideration for nursing, vet tech, vet science, pre-vet, and equine studies applicants). Complete application packages should include:

  • A completed application submitted online or via The Common Application.
  • An official copy of the secondary school transcript sent directly to Becker College. Students who have received a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) must forward an official score report. Freshman admission is contingent upon the applicant’s graduation from high school or successful completion of the GED. Applicants will need to have a final transcript submitted to Becker College following the release of final grades.
  • SAT I or ACT scores. The Becker College CEEB code is 3079.
  • A letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor or academic advisor which attests to the applicant’s individual qualifications is optional. Becker College recognizes that all students are individuals and will consider each applicant’s personal strengths and achievements. Any other supporting materials that are submitted will be considered.
  • Optional essay on any topic, approximately 250-500 words in length.
  • Applicants whose GPA falls below a 2.0 or whose curriculum was not entirely college preparatory will be reviewed on an individual basis. These applicants must submit: all the items listed above, two letters of recommendation (one from a guidance counselor), and an essay and/or a personal interview.
  • Interviews are not required but they are strongly recommended.  Interviews may be conducted on the day of your campus visit (pre-registration is required) or you may contact our office to schedule a separate interview time.  All applicants will be assigned their own individual admissions counselor and applicants are encouraged to meet their counselor.  Interviews can also be conducted via Skype or over the phone.  Visit our travel page here to see when we will be in your area in order to arrange an off-campus interview.

Home Schooled Applicants: 

  • Becker encourages applications from home-schooled students, and makes every effort to accommodate the special circumstances of home-schooled applicants while in the application process.  Students who have followed an approved home school program in accordance with the Massachusetts General Laws or the laws of their home state must show evidence that the home school program was approved by the student's school district's superintendent or school committee.  Students who have not followed an approved home school program will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis; in some cases, an official General Education Diploma (GED) may be required.  Home-school applicants must follow the admission criteria for freshman (or transfer) applicants and submit the remaining necessary documentation.
  • Additionally, if the home- schooled student is under the age of compulsory attendance, which is sixteen (16) years old in Massachusetts, a letter from the student's school district's superintendent or school committee is required stating that the student is not considered truant and would not be required to attend further schooling or continue to be home-schooled if the student has completed his/her home school program before the age of sixteen (16).
  • The College reserves the right to limit or deny enrollment of any student under the age of sixteen (16) in a course or program based on a case-by-case consideration of a variety of factors, including but not limited to: the student's maturity, life experience, placement test scores, prior education, course content, instructional methodology, and potential risks associated with participation in a particular course or program.

Freshman Applicants: Veterinary Science

In addition to the requirements listed under Freshman Applicants, all Veterinary Program applicants must:

  • Must earn cumulative G.P.A. of 2.7 or better.
  • Complete 2 years of college preparatory level secondary school science including Biology with a lab and Chemistry with a lab. Both courses must be completed within 5 years with a minimum grade of C+. A four-credit college course in Biology with a lab and a four-credit college Chemistry course with a lab within 5 years with grades of C+ or better will also satisfy the pre-requisite science requirement.
  • Complete 2 years of college preparatory level secondary school mathematics including Algebra I and II or Algebra I and Geometry. Both courses must be completed within 5 years with a minimum grade of C+. A three-credit college course in College Algebra within 5 years with a grade of C+ or better will also satisfy the prerequisite math requirement.
  • Complete 3 years of secondary school English with a grade of C or better.

Based on placement test results, students may be required to take MATF 1001, Foundations of College Mathematics concurrently with or prior to clinical courses. Early placement testing is advised to avoid delay in beginning clinical coursework.

The aforementioned grade requirements are minimums.  Due to the competitive selection process for the Veterinary Science majors, only the most academically qualified students will be directly admitted into these programs.

The two-year Animal  Care and two-year Veterinary Technology programs are fall-semester programs only.  New students cannot begin in either of these programs in the spring semester.  Students may apply for the fall or spring semesters for the following programs: the four-year Veterinary Technology program as well as Laboratory Animal Management and Pre-Veterinary Science.

Students who are not selected for the four-year Veterinary Technology program may still be admitted to the college as an Undecided student.  The Undecided-Veterinary program is a structured, one semester program through which students may meet the requirements listed above at the college level.  Students will take the following courses:

BIOL 1001*         4 cr

CHEM 1001*       4 cr

MATH 1200*       3 cr

CORE 1001         3 cr

NOTE: Students who do not meet the SAT or Accuplacer requirement for college algebra MUST register for Foundations of Math.  The cost of this summer online program is included in the tuition for the fall semester.  Students are responsible for the cost of books.  A grade of C or better must be earned in order to progress to College Algebra and begin the semester as an Undecided-Veterinary student.

Students must achieve grades of C+ or better in the (*) courses and a minimum 2.7 GPA overall.  Having achieved that they will be automatically transferred into the Veterinary program of their choice (four-year Veterinary Technology or Pre-Veterinary Science).

Students who are not meeting these requirements at the time midterm grades are submitted will be counseled to consider another major at the college in which they might enroll.  If, after examination of final grades they have met the standard set above, they will be allowed to change their major to the desired veterinary program and register for the appropriate veterinary courses.  If they have not met the requirements, they will be given a letter detailing the remaining requirements to be met and they must select another major.

Students may not remain in the Undecided-Veterinary program for more than one semester and are not allowed to select this status after the add-drop period of their first semester ends.


» Additional Requirements

Freshman and Transfer Applicants: Interactive Media

Admission for any of the Interactive Media programs (Computer Game Design, Computer Game Development and Programming, Computer Game Production Management, and Game Art) is rigorous. The College selects the most academically qualified candidates.

Applicants who are not selected for the Interactive Media programs but do meet the general admission requirements of the College may be accepted for another major of their choice. These students will have the opportunity to reapply for their desired major in a future semester and may be admitted on a space-available basis.