How to Apply

How do I obtain a work-study position on the Worcester Campus?

1.  You must be the recipient of a work-study award.  If you are unsure, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

2.  Review the departments/positions listed in the table below. Check out the “current status.” If a listing that interests you is labeled “Accepting inquiries,”* call, email, or inquire in person with the contact person indicated.

3.  The contact person might invite you in for a brief interview to explain the job and determine if you are a match for the position.

4.  If the position you interview for is not a match, keep trying for another position.

5.  Once you and a contact person have determined that you will work for the semester, follow the paperwork processing procedures detailed in steps 4-6 on the main work-study page.

Note: As a courtesy, once you accept a position please inform other contacts with whom you have interviewed so they may offer available positions to other candidates.

*The label “Accepting inquiries” does not guarantee the position is currently open but indicates that when the page was updated, the department was accepting inquiries.

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