Satisfactory Academic Progress

Becker College, in accordance with federal regulations, requires all students who receive federal financial aid to maintain satisfactory academic progress.  Becker College also uses this policy for institutional financial aid.   Student academic progress is measured at the end of each semester against the following standards.

  • Qualitative Measures: A minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) for all attempted credits must be maintained. Note – Some programs may require a higher cumulative GPA.  This higher requirement must be reached by the end of your second year, in a four year program, to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Quantitative Progress: Students must successfully complete 67% of the courses attempted. The pace of progress is calculated by dividing the cumulative hours that have been successfully completed by the cumulative hours you have attempted.
  • Maximum time frame: Students must complete their educational program of study within a time frame no longer than 150% of published length of the educational program, as measured by the credits attempted and including transfer credits.


The following are considered when evaluating a student’s SAP:


  • Drop vs. Withdrawal: If a student drops courses before the end of the Add/Drop period, the courses will not be counted as attempted.  Any courses withdrawn from after the Add/Drop period will be counted as attempted but not completed.


  •  Incomplete grades:  A grade of incomplete will count as attempted credit hours but not completed credit hours.  Once the course work is completed and a grade determined, the student must contact the Office of Financial Aid.


  • Repeated courses:  A student may repeat a course once in which a low grade was earned and still be eligible to receive financial aid.


  • Transfer credits: All academic credits transferred and accepted at Becker College will be counted as both attempted and earned credits.  These credits will also be counted in the maximum time frame calculation.


  • Pass/Fail credits: The academic credit hours for any courses taken with a pass or fail grade will be counted toward the attempted and earned credits.   These credits will also be counted in the maximum time frame calculation.

Warning Status

Students who initially fail any one of the standards of academic progress, excluding maximum time frame, can be placed on Financial Aid Warning for one semester or payment period.  Students who are in a warning status remain eligible for financial aid and therefore do not need to appeal this status. Students will be required to improve academically and meet the minimum standards of this federal policy by the end of the warning period. Failure to meet the minimum requirements of this policy will result in suspension of aid eligibility.


The Office of Financial Aid will send written notice to any financial aid recipient who does not meet minimum satisfactory progress standards that they will be terminated from aid for the subsequent term(s). The notice will be addressed to the student's most current local address on file with the Office of Financial Aid. It is the responsibility of the student to inform thOffice of Financial Aid of the correct address at all times.


The denial of financial aid because of failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements may be appealed if the student believes there were special circumstances that should be considered.   The following must be submitted along with the SAP Appeal Form at least one week prior to the first week of classes of the term:

    • A letter, by the student, explaining what the extenuating circumstances are that prevented the student from maintaining SAP and what has changed that will allow the student to maintain the standards going forward.   Reasons for appeal include the death of a relative, an injury or illness of the student, or other special circumstances. Documentation supporting the extenuating circumstances should be attached to the appeal form.
    • The academic advisor must sign the appeal form and attach an academic plan.   The academic plan will provide guidance to the student on how to meet SAP within the next three consecutive terms.
    • Students on an academic plan must meet the requirements for each term in order to remain eligible for financial aid, unless they meet the standards for Satisfactory academic progress in any of those terms.

Appeal Decisions

The SAP Appeal Committee will review all requests for financial aid reinstatement and send a letter to notify the student of the decision.

  • Approval: Reinstatement of financial aid will be granted placing the student on probation for one semester.  Further eligibility will be contingent upon the student meeting the conditions of the academic plan and SAP standards.
  • Denial: Financial aid eligibility will not be reinstated and the student will be responsible for making alternative payment arrangements.  If the student meets the SAP requirements in a future term, aid will be reinstated.



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