For more information on required forms, please contact the Office of Financial Aid. 

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Information

» FAFSA Website
» FAFSA PIN Website

FAFSA Verification Documents

The federal government automatically selects certain FAFSAs to be verified, and those students are required to submit additional documentation to the Office of Financial Aid. Below are some links for the forms our office needs to complete your file.

2014-2015 Forms

» 2014/15 Verification Worksheet (Dependent and Independent)

» 2014/15 Non Tax Filer Form – Dependent

» 2014/15 Non Tax Filer Form – Independent

» 2014/15 SNAP Benefits Received Form – Dependent

» 2014/15 SNAP Benefits Received Form – Independent

» 2014/15 Child Support Paid Form – Dependent

» 2014/15 Child Support Paid Form – Independent

» 2014/15 High School Completion Status Form

» 2014/15 Untaxed Income Verification form

» 2014/15 Special Circumstances Form – Not required by all families, please read before submitting

2013-2014 Forms

» 2013/14 Dependent Verification Worksheet

» 2013/14 Independent Verification Worksheet

» 2013/14 SNAP Benefits Received Form

» 2013/14 Child Support Paid Form

» 2013/14 High School Completion Status Form

» 2013/14 Non-Tax filer form

» 2013/14 Special Circumstances Form – Not required by all families, please read before submitting

General Forms

» IRS – Tax Documentation

» Selective Service

»Military Deferment Form

Financial Aid Award Information

» Direct Loans – Online Master Promissory Note/ Entrance Interview
» OSFA Website – Mass Residents Only

* You will receive a letter in the mail and/or an email informing you if we require any of these items to complete your file. Please only submit what the office requests in the letter.


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