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Nursing Requirements

In addition to the requirements listed under first-year students, all nursing applicants must:

  • Effective for the Fall 2015 class, due to the competitive application process only the most academically qualified students will be selected.  A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better is required in order to be considered for admission.
  • All nursing applicants (freshmen, transfers or current students looking to change their major to nursing) must successfully complete either the ACT/SAT exam or the TEAS exam and must place into 100-level math and English classes. Students who have an ACT Composite score below 19 or a SAT score below 900 on the SAT Critical and Math sections must take and score proficient or higher on the TEAS exam as part of their application.
  • Complete one year of college preparatory secondary level biology with a lab. This course must be completed within five years with a minimum grade of C. A four-credit college course in biology with a lab with a grade of C or better with only one allowed retake will also satisfy the prerequisite science requirement.  It is strongly recommended that the nursing program science courses be completed prior to admission.
  • Complete two years of college preparatory level secondary school mathematics, including algebra I and II or algebra I and geometry. Both courses must be completed within five years, with a minimum grade of C. A three-credit college course in college algebra within five years with a grade of C or better will also satisfy the prerequisite math requirement.


Pre-licensure BSN students are admitted to the fall semester.  Students admitted or transferred into the nursing program may need to take additional courses or semesters to comply with the published curriculum plan.


Students taking the TEAS exam must achieve an overall score of Proficient or higher on the ATI Version VI – Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS® VI). Only two attempts to achieve the minimum benchmark score will be allowed. If needed, the TEAS requirement applies to all applicants to the nursing program (including internal and external transfers). It is strongly suggested that an applicant wait 45 days between TEAS exams.  The TEAS test is administered at Becker several times a month (fee required).  Contact the Admission’s Office for more testing information. Information about the test content and resources to prepare for the exam can be found at https://www.atitesting.com/Solutions/PreNursingSchool/TEAS.aspx. A study guide is available in the College bookstores: VERSION VI – ATI TEST OF ESSENTIAL ACADEMIC SKILLS (TEAS VI) STUDY MANUAL. 


Students who have taken the TEAS Admission Assessment at another institution may contact that institution to have their score sent to Becker College. The minimum overall score required to be considered an applicant is in the proficient category or higher.

Students who do not meet the above criteria but who satisfy the general admissions requirements of Becker College may be accepted as an undecided student. They can then take the appropriate courses to allow them to meet the admission prerequisites of the nursing program and reapply for admission.