World Ready

Becker College prepares students to be world ready for the challenges and entrepreneurial opportunities of the 21st century through its focus on global citizenship and transformational learning experiences.

Becker College—one of the nation’s top-25 oldest institutions of higher education—traces its history to 1784, with a founding charter signed by John Hancock and Samuel Adams. Our graduates have long contributed to the betterment of society. From Dr. Elliott Joslin, a pioneer in the research and treatment of diabetes, to Colleen Barrett, retired president emeritus of Southwest Airlines, who helped build the most successful corporate airline in aviation history, Becker College is committed to educating young men and women for professional success in a global society.  We are proud of our 99% placement rate for both employment and graduate study.

Becker has been named one of the best institutions for undergraduate education by The Princeton Review for two consecutive years. Only about 15 percent of America’s 2,500 four-year colleges and three colleges outside the U.S. are profiled in The Best 378 Colleges: 2014 Edition, The Princeton Review’s flagship college guide.

With two distinctive campuses (urban Worcester and rural Leicester), plus an Equestrian Center, Becker promises each student a transformational educational experience that offers relevant and outstanding academic programs, a connected and creative learning experience, and engaged and committed global citizenship.  The College’s six core values—excellence, accountability, community and diversity, social responsibility, integrity, and creative expression—support its mission to prepare graduates to thrive, contribute to, and lead in a global society. More than 1,900 students from across the nation and around the world make up the vibrant and active Becker College community.

Relevant and Outstanding Academic Programs

The academic programs at Becker College prepare students for a wide range of future professional opportunities and the necessary competencies to lead in a global society.  Faculty constantly review, evaluate, and update the curriculum to keep programs current and in alignment with emerging industry trends.  Courses in each major have been designed to give students the required knowledge base and hands-on practical experience to rise to the top of their chosen professions.

A Connected and Creative Learning Experience

Personal attention and a close-knit, family atmosphere are offered by Becker College, which fosters a connectedness between students and faculty that enhances learning and student success. The College facilitates a transformational experience for students within the context of an ever-changing, complex world through academics, leadership development, community service, internships, and a wide range of activities that make their education an engaging and enriching experience. A vibrant and active campus life provides students with multiple opportunities to explore their passions and express their creativity.

Engaged and Committed Global Citizenship

To provide an experience that best prepares students to contribute to and lead in a global society, Becker College focuses on “three pillars” of global citizenship—academic excellence, social responsibility, and creative expression. Becker instills within each student a sense of responsibility for contributing to a greater good within society. Becker’s diversity in its broad sense—racial, ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, geographic, and ideological—and its interconnected, close-knit community provide a fertile field for the personal connections that advance understanding and build global perspectives.

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