Associate of Science in Nursing Curriculum

Successful completion of the two-year associate of science in nursing degree provides student eligibility to take the National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses (NCLEX-RN) exam.

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The associate of science in nursing program is accredited by Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN).

Contact information:

Accredition Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN)
3343 Peachtree Road NE
Suite 850
Atlanta, GA 30326

Phone:  1.404.975.5000

Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing (BORN)
239 Causeway Street
5th Floor, Suite 200
Boston, MA 02114

Phone:  1.800.414.0168

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Nursing course credit hours/clock hours are equated as follows:

Theory/classroom:  1:1 (one credit hour = one classroom hour)
College Lab/Clinical practice:  1:3 (one credit hour = three hours clinical/lab hours)

Students must pass the theory, college lab, and clinical practice components of each nursing course in order to pass the course.  All co-requisite courses must be taken as scheduled in the Becker College ASN program curriculum plan.  Progression in nursing courses is denied when prerequisites and/or co-requisites have not been completed.

Students enrolled in NURS1104, NURS1105, NURS2201 and NURS2202 are required to pass a math/dosage calculation competency test before being allowed to administer medications in the clinical setting.  Students will be withdrawn from the nursing course, if they are unable to pass after three attempts.

A standardized test, e.g., ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) Comprehensive Assessment and Review Program is utilized within the nursing program to assist in student learning.   For details, refer to the Nursing Student Handbook.

Nursing program policy requires a minimum grade of C in science courses (Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2, Microbiology), only one allowed retake of each science course is permitted.  A minimum grade of C+ (77) must be achieved in all nursing courses.

Students who do not achieve the minimum passing grade within the respective course will be required to apply for reinstatement, which may involve meeting additional requirements,  and a successful score on a readmission exam.  Readmission will be granted on a space available basis. Students are allowed to repeat only ONE nursing course.  Students must complete a remediation program and successfully pass a readmission exam before reinstatement into the Nursing Program is granted.  Withdrawal from a nursing course at any time is considered a separation from the nursing program.  If the course grade at the time of withdrawal is below the passing standard, the grade recorded will be a WF and it counts as a separation or a repeat of a nursing course.  Only one reentry into the nursing program after course failure or separation is allowed.

Nursing students are required to complete a nursing program scheduled on-site NCLEX-RN review course prior to taking the licensing exam.

Students are required to maintain his/her own copy of the Student Health Record and other requirements for their portfolio.

Clinical sites require proof of student health and immunization status.  This information is provided to affiliation offices before clinical clearance is granted.  If this information is not disclosed to the clinical site, the student would be dismissed from the nursing program.

If at any time the nursing faculty determines that a student’s physical or mental ability may interfere with safe clinical performance, the student will not be allowed to remain in the clinical area.  The Nursing Program Director will be notified and the future status of the student will be administratively determined.

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