Should You Study Video Games in College?

Should You Study Video Games in College?

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Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media Design

Game Production and Management Concentration

The global entertainment and media market is expected to increase consistently, according to The Becker College Game Production and Management concentration is an expansion of the nationally recognized game programs at the College.

This concentration prepares graduates to take on roles in the video game and interactive media industries ranging from small team management (project management, scrum master, and more) and marketing/research assistants to higher-level positions such as title or line production. Video game producers and associate producers tend to specialize in areas of expertise specific to their skills and backgrounds. These specializations include, but are not limited to: programming, design, art, sound, and quality assurance.  Whether the job is a line producer, or overall executive producer, these individuals are in charge of delivering product on time, on budget, and on goal.[1]

This concentration has been designed precisely for students who aspire to production roles in the game industry, eventually gaining responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of complete production pipelines. In addition, students will have the opportunity to evaluate recent trends in game technology, from critical studies to emerging genres and platforms.

The Game Production and Management concentration curriculum is designed to build leadership and production skills applicable to the gaming industry and will provide students with the background and experiences needed to navigate the game industry and lead an effective production team in entertainment or serious games. Course selection and sequencing is built on a solid core of business and project management, analysis, and general education classes, combined with video game courses relevant to the interactive entertainment field.

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Learning Outcomes

Develop industry skills in operating computer game development tools and assessing their advantages and disadvantages

Use theoretical concepts and perspectives to explain and evaluate the development of games in various settings

Critically evaluate various approaches to game design and identify the elements that are likely to make for effective games

Design or engineer prototypes of computer games for a variety of environments

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