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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

at Becker College

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Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Graphic Design

The graphic design industry is an exciting, fast-changing, and rewarding field for individuals with creative and artistic talent. Employment is expected to grow 10 percent through 2016 due to the demand from businesses needing creative and competitive websites, advertising, and interactive media design outreach; publishers; computer design companies; the video entertainment industry; and more.  In addition, graphic designers with website design and animation experience can expect to see increases in design projects for interactive media design.

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Graphic Design Skills List

There are five major areas of focus that a graduating student needs to demonstrate mastery of in order to successfully complete the Bachelor of Arts in Design, Graphic Design concentration program. The skills listed in the checklist come directly from the professional graphic design job market. By completing these skills we feel our students are more than prepared to enter the professional job market and achieve success. This checklist is used throughout the program as a way to make sure the student remains on track towards mastering the necessary skills they need to achieve their goals.

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Conceptualize, create, and implement effective visual communication through the application of design theories and principles to develop design solutions.
  • Utilize industry-standard tools and technology to synthesize all aspects of design and media solutions
  • Apply typographic, composition, imagery skills and knowledge to create effective visual communication.
  • Demonstrate effective project management and business practices including ethics, time management, and collaborative skills.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of historical styles and synthesize with design trends to create visual communication solutions across various types of media
  • Demonstrate oral and written communication skills in preparing professional-level documents and presentations


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