Matthew Wester '12, Marketing

Matthew Wester '12, Marketing

Matthew Wester is no ordinary 20-year-old student...

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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Marketing Concentration

The field of marketing is exciting, fast-paced, and filled with many roles across a wide range of industries—from advertising and product promotion, to public relations, sales, and market research. Employment is expected to increase by 13 percent through 2018, as a result of a highly competitive market for expanding goods and services.

The Becker College marketing concentration in the business administration program provides students with the knowledge to develop, implement, and coordinate marketing plans and programs. Focus is placed on marketing products and services, developing and implementing marketing strategies, retail marketing, consumer behavior, marketing research, and the challenges of international marketing. Additional course work in the marketing concentration covers key principles of sales, marketing, management, and leadership. A variety of elective courses are available, as is a senior-year career internship experience.

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Learning Outcomes:

Students will critically evaluate a company’s goals, strategy, financial health, competitive position, and commitment to ethical principles and social responsibility, and they will apply management and leadership theories to make recommendations for improvement.

Students will provide evidence of written and oral communication skills through essays, case analyses, exams, presentations, and/or projects.

Students will gain experience in their concentration through an internship, field experience, or a practicum.

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