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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Computer Information Systems Concentration

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the computer information industry will provide the top-eight growth jobs over the next eight years. Students majoring in the bachelor of science in business administration’s computer information systems (CIS) concentration have leading-edge tools and techniques in their grasp (MSDNAA, Rational Suite Enterprise, IBM products, and Oracle), as well as a solid foundation of business skills.

CIS students establish a robust facility that prepares them to pursue either a business career with a strong understanding of how technology facilitates achieving business objectives, or a technology career with a firm grasp of how business objectives drive information systems toward achieving business goals. Within the CIS concentration, students may choose one or more specializations: analytics, project management, and networking and information security.

Information systems (IS) is the use of computers and information to enable people and organizations to be more creative and productive.

Students learn to:

  • identify the needs of an individual or organization
  • design and develop systems to meet those requirements
  • deploy these systems to solve real-world problems

These solutions can involve applying the latest technology to improve the delivery of products and services, while insuring that the systems are secure.

Students will take four additional courses in an area of specialization.  Current courses in the areas of project management and information security are available.  Students have the option of taking other approved program electives.

Program electives and specializations:

Students taking four courses from the groupings identified will achieve a “specialization” but may select from any of the courses and combine them to meet their educational goals.

Specialization in Computer Programming and Networking

CPTR1100 Computer Programming I 3 cr.
CPTR1400 Computer Programming II 3 cr.
CPTR2300 Data Structures 3 cr.
CPTR3600 Networking I 3 cr.
CPTR 4600 Networking II 3 cr.

Specialization in Information Security

CPTR2800 Information Security and Information Technology Fundamentals  3 cr.
CPTR2801 Information Security Threat Landscape and Attacker Motivation  3 cr.
CPTR2802 Defending and Attacking Modern Networked Computer Systems  3 cr.
CPTR3801 Information Security Incident Handling  3 cr.
CPTR3802 Business Communication for Information Security Professionals  3 cr.
CPTR4801 Emerging Technologies and Implications for Information Security  3 cr.
CPTR4802 Security Management and Policy Topics  3 cr.

Specialization in Project Management

MGMT2805 Project Planning & Control  3 cr.
MGMT3805 Project Team Management  3 cr.
MGMT3806 Influence, Decision Making and Problem Solving in Project Management  3 cr.
MGMT4105 Project Management: Tools & Techniques 4 cr.
MGMT4805 Project Management Capstone  3 cr.

Other approved program electives

INFO2100 Internet 3 cr.
GRPH2160 Introduction to Web Design 3 cr.
GRPH3110 Advanced Web Design 3 cr.