Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Business Administration Concentration

Whether specializing in finance, retail, health care, sports, or information technology, companies need professionals who have superior analytical and management capabilities, and a talent for motivating others in achieving established goals. To develop those skills you need to start with a well-rounded business education.

The business administration program at Becker College offers the business administration concentration to students planning to pursue leadership roles in the business world. Its core curriculum is designed to help you build a strong foundation in accounting, economics, information systems, management and marketing. Upper-level coursework in marketing and management will broaden that knowledge base.

You’ll also have opportunities to participate in a range of open and business elective courses, as well as a career internship experience in your senior year. Guiding you along your path will be faculty members and advisors who are committed to helping you prepare for your business management career.

For more information about the Becker College business administration concentration, call 877.523.2537 or email

Learning Outcomes:

Students will critically evaluate a company’s goals, strategy, financial health, competitive position, and commitment to ethical principles and social responsibility, and they will apply management and leadership theories to make recommendations for improvement.

Students will provide evidence of written and oral communication skills through essays, case analyses, exams, presentations, and/or projects.

Students will gain experience in their concentration through an internship, field experience, or a practicum.

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