Bachelor of Science in
Applied Computer Science

An Applied Computer Scientist works in fields related to the creation and management of software, big data, analytics, computing, and structure of information systems In an age of data and information-driven economies, computing skills are critical to success in almost all fields of endeavor, as they embody the principles of logic, mathematics, and critical thinking. The applied nature of this program is offered by industry-focused faculty, relevant course work, and supported through internships in local and regional industry.

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Freshman Year


Fall Semester Credits Spring Semester Credits
CPTR1100 Computer Programming I 3 MATH2202 Calculus I  OR 3
PSYC1001 Introduction to Psychology 3 MATH2302 Calculus II
CORE1001 Managing Transitions: Change as a Norm 3 CORE-ENGL The New Normal: Exploring Unstructured Problems 3
MGMT1000 Introduction to Business Models 3 CPTR1400 Computer Programming II 3
MATH2001 Pre-Calculus and Functions  OR 3 CPTR2000 Systems and Architectures 3
MATH2202 Calculus I  PHIL1300 Logic 3
15 15

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester Credits   Spring Semester Credits
ENGL1003 Writing About Literature 3 MATH3205 Statistical Methods for Data Analysis 3
MATH2400 Discrete Mathematics 3 MGMT1805 Introduction to Project Management 3
CPTR2400 Database Management 3 CPTR3700 Software Engineering 3
CORE2003 Needfinding: Uncovering Opportunity in Human Need 3 Program Elective 3
CPTR2350 Data Structures and Algorithms 3 HU/SS Elective 3
15 15

Junior Year

Fall Semester Credits   Spring Semester Credits
CORE3004 Entrepreneurial Mindset: Creating and Capturing Value 3  CPTR3900 Practicum or Program Elective 3
CPTR3450 Data Warehouse & Data Mining with AI 3  CPTR4850 Artificial Intelligence 3
CPTR3850 Theory of Computing 3 Concentration Elective 3
Concentration Elective 3 Science Elective 3
Science Elective  w/ Lab 4 Open Elective 3
16 15

 Senior Year

Fall Semester Credits   Spring Semester Credits
CPTR4200 Mobile & Cloud Software Development 3 CORE4005 Agile Mindset Capstone 3
CPTR3600 Networking I 3 CPTR4901 Capstone 3
Open Elective 3 Concentration Elective 3
History Elective 3 Global Awareness and Diversity Elective 3
Concentration Elective 3 Open Elective 3
15 15
Total Credits: 121



Applied Computer Science curriculum has three concentrations. The concentration's courses are represented in the core curriculum as concentration electives of which there are four.

Game Programming

GAME3135 Game Programming I
GAME3145 Game Programming II
GAME4115 Artificial Intelligence for Video Games
GAME3902 Serious Games Project


CPTR2801 Information Security Threat Landscape and Attacker Motivation
CPTR2802 Defending and Attacking Modern Network Computer Systems
CPTR3803 Digital Forensics
CPTR4801 Emerging Technologies & Implications for Information Security

Data Science

INFO2500  Data Visualization
MATH3200 Multivariate Statistics
CPTR4100 Machine Learning
INFO4200 Predictive Analytics

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop industry skills in Applied Computer Science (Software Engineering, Game development, or Security) by assessing advantages and disadvantages of algorithms, data structures, and software design.  Proving proficiency in software design, and programming, which are clear, concise, and efficient.
  • Use theoretical and concrete concepts, and perspectives to analyze, explain, evaluate and solve hardware and software problems in various settings.
  • Critically evaluate and assess software and hardware design and identify the elements that are likely to make for effective development of software.
  • Ability to demonstrate a mastery of programming concepts, algorithm complexity, problem solving skills and reasoning to a variety of well-known Computer Science problem sets.
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