The School of Animal Studies & Natural Sciences

Becker offers one of the only programs in the country that operates a working veterinary clinic on campus, providing opportunities for resume building and hands-on learning under the supervision of faculty veterinarians. The curriculum focuses not only on animal health, but animal welfare, nurturing empathy and creative problem-solving. It prepares focused, caring professionals who graduate with in-demand skills and practical experience gained on campus and around the world. Students have access to more than 350 externships in a variety of locations, including clinics, zoos, research facilities and animal shelters.

Veterinary Science

Degree Options

Bachelor of Science Veterinary Science

Associate Degrees Veterinary Technology

Bachelor of Science

Becker College offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Science program that allows students to choose from three concentrations to fit with future continued education and career goals.


Pre-Veterinary is focused on preparing students to apply and gain acceptance into veterinary school as well as many other graduate school opportunities.

Veterinary Technology

The Veterinary Technology concentration provides students with a broad view of veterinary medicine and offers the flexibility to enter the workforce in a variety of different animal-related careers. The Veterinary Technology concentration allows students the opportunity to complete the associate degree in Veterinary Technology in the first two years and then earn a bachelor’s degree. Students can take the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) and become a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) after completing the first 2 years and can work in the field as a CVT while they complete the bachelor’s degree. The demand far exceeds the supply, so job placement is excellent.

Students interested in earning a Bachelors in Veterinary Science who wish to complete the Veterinary Technology program first, work in the field as a CVT, and think that eventually would like to apply to veterinary school can choose this concentration and take approximately 6 additional courses to meet the requirements to apply to veterinary school. Several of these 6 courses can be taken within the 4 year program as your electives.

Laboratory Animal Science

Laboratory Animal Science prepares students to enter the multidisciplinary and fast-moving fields of biomedical and life sciences research, pharmaceutical research and development, and biotechnology. There is very high demand for qualified employees and tremendous room for advancement. Graduates are prepared to seek national professional certification and are equipped to enter various life science graduate school programs.

Associate Degrees

Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology

Becker College offers an Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology that prepares students to take the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) and become a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT). Becker’s Veterinary Technology program is fully accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Committee on Veterinary Technical Education and Activities. The demand is extremely high in Massachusetts for CVTs. Students in the Veterinary Technology program spend much of their time in the veterinary clinic on the Leicester campus.

Animal Care

Associate Degrees Animal Care

Associate Degree in Animal Care

Becker College’s Associate Degree in Animal Care allows students to learn the practical components of animal care and management. Animal Care students can pursue careers working in canine obedience, shelters, kennels, and grooming, as well as areas of government, agriculture, biotechnology, and zoos.

Equine Studies

Bachelor of Science Equine Studies

Equine Studies Bachelor’s Degree

Becker College’s four-year Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies allows students to focus on horse health, behavior, care, and marketable skills for a successful career in the highly diverse equine industry.


Bachelor of Science Biology

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Careers in biology are diverse and include human and animal medicine, research, conservation, teaching, journalism, and more. In the Bachelor of Science in Biology program, students can prepare for entry into veterinary school, medical school, and many other graduate school opportunities. Becker’s biology curriculum offers students the opportunity to customize their degree with elective courses and internship experiences that relate to their chosen field while mastering the core concepts of biology.

Why study Animal Studies and Natural Sciences at Becker?

With close to 70 million dogs, 74 million cats, 8 million birds, and 5 million horses, along with specialty and exotic animals in the United States alone, it’s clear that our students will be in high demand from the moment they graduate and long into the future. Becker College is one of only three private colleges in New England to offer American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)-accredited undergraduate programs in veterinary technology. Nationally, Becker is one of the 10 largest producers of undergraduate veterinary technology degrees among four-year private institutions and our School of Animal Studies and Natural Sciences awards more undergraduate degrees in the field than any other four-year private institution in New England. There is no better place to prepare yourself for a successful, fulfilling and future-proof career in the veterinary, paravetinary or biomedical fields.

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Emma Pedraza ’18, Pre Veterinary

“I have never lived anywhere other than hot and sunny California. We don’t have seasons, we don’t get much rain, and we don’t even have much green grass. I had never experienced late summer thunderstorms, fall leaves, apple picking, snow, or sledding.” Read more >

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Becker Veterinary Clinic

Located in Leicester, Mass., the Becker College Veterinary Clinic is open to the public, offering wellness care and non-urgent medical and surgical care for dogs, cats, other small mammals, and birds. Learn more >