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Faculty excellence is at the core of the Becker College academic experience. Becker College professors care deeply about the success of each student and are committed to providing one-on-one attention and support. Full-time and adjunct professors bring extensive academic, career, and life experience to the classroom. Their focus is on helping students excel, both inside the classroom and beyond.  Above all, they strive to bring out the highest potential of each student.

Faculty Excellence in Action

Adriano MarzulloAdriano Marzullo, Ph.D., assistant professor of mathematics, published “On Rapid Generation of SL2(Zq),” a joint paper with Dr. Jeremy Chapman (Lion College, Arkansas), in the Online Journal of Analytic Combinatorics, 2015.  » Read more



Janardan Kumar

Dr. Janardan Kumar, professor of chemistry and microbiology, has been invited to be an organizing committee member for the OMICS 5th International Conference on Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, to be held August 4-6, 2015, in Valencia, Spain. He is also presenting the special session, “Future Perspectives on Glaucoma.” He co-chaired sessions on glaucoma and neuro-opthamology at the OMICS 4th International Conference on Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, which was held in July, 2014, in Baltimore, Md.


Curvin HuberCurvin Huber, MFA, M.S., professor of game design is working with his students in his Principles of Motion Capture course, using an innovative piece of new technology: Noitom’s Perception Legacy and Neuron motion capture systems. Prof. Huber is fully documenting the course and designing training courseware for the mo-cap tech company to utilize when their systems hit the market.

In fall 2014, Prof. Huber ran a course called GPU Rendering, which was in partnership with cloud graphics company, Otoy. According to Otoy Vice President of Business Development Banafsheh Fathieh, this was the first and only official collegiate course in the world to focus on Otoy's GPU render engine, Octane.

He is also in the process of completing a series of online training materials for Script Attack, out of Russia. He was invited to develop English-speaking training videos for their facial rigging system called Bony Face. » Read more.

becker_college_sealDr. Calin Galeriu, adjunct professor of physics, recently authored the article, “An Arduino Investigation of Simple Harmonic Motion,” which was published online in February 2014, in The Physics Teacher (Vol.52, Issue 3). Read the abstract.

Dr. Galeriu published the article, “Magnetostatics Analysis, Design and Construction of a Loudspeaker,” in the journal,  The Physics Teacher, 48, 537 – 540 (November 2010). Dr. Galeriu was recognized in 2009 as an “Unsung Hero” by the financial services company, ING, for his Nintendo in the Classroom project that uses handheld game consoles for mathematical computations, graphing applications, and computer programming. Dr. Galeriu also teaches math at Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School. » Read more 

Becker College Faculty, Daryl Statkus 120 × 180Daryl Statkus, M.A., associate professor of humanities, collaborated with Pamela Graham, M.L.I.S., instruction coordinator and librarian, and presented at the Northeast Regional Computer Program conference, “Understanding what Faculty want from Librarians: Active Listening, Outreach, and Action,” on Feb 10, 2014.  In their presentation “Improving Student Learning Outcomes through Embedded Information Literacy,” they discussed their collaboration, which embeds information literacy instruction into ENGL1001 courses.

Statkus and Graham have been working together since fall 2010.  Statkus’ three sections of ENGL1001 meet with Graham four times over the course of the semester.  Each assignment has information literacy skills embedded in it so students are not only learning the skills of summary, annotation, citation, and synthesizing information, they are also learning valuable skills including searching databases, using books in print, identifying plagiarism, assessing editorial vs. fact, and others.  This partnership has enhanced student learning outcomes and enriched students’ success.

The collaboration was extended, with advanced skills, into all three sections of Statkus’ ENGL1003 course in spring 2014. » Read more

becker_college_sealMargery Orr, DNS, RN, nursing education specialist, represented Becker College’s Associate Degree in Nursing Program in the “2013 National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) Assessment Technology Institute (ATI) All-Stars” live webinar on November 20, 2013. She shared many of the quality initiatives of the Becker College nursing program. This webinar was taped for all ATI users to view.


Scott NiemiScott Niemi, MFA, was promoted to the rank of associate professor of design in spring 2013. Professor Niemi was one of 60 artists chosen to create artwork for the new UMass Ambulatory Care Center which had its ribbon cutting in September 2011. He has six paintings permanently displayed there. Two were specifically commissioned, and the rest were purchased from the Collins Artworks gallery. He is also working on a commissioned painting for the North Shore Children's Hospital in Boston. » Read more

becker_college_sealM.T. Nezam-Mafi, MA, Ph.D., professor of English,  will present his paper “To See Again: Ford, Conrad, and The Good Soldier,” at the 19th annual meeting of the ACTC (The Association for Core Texts and Courses), which meets in Ottawa, Canada, April 25-28, 2013. Dr. Nezam-Mafi presented “Revising W. H. Auden’s ‘September 1, 1939’” at the 18th annual meeting of the ACTC in 2012.

Dr. Nezam-Mafi also presented at the 18th Annual Association for Core Texts and Courses Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin;  “Revising W. H. Auden’s ‘September 1, 1939.’”

Susan Whitehead

Susan M. Nava-Whitehead, Ph.D. has been promoted to the rank of professor. Previously an associate professor, Dr. Whitehead teaches science and education, and she is one of the founding faculty members of the Center for Integrated Teaching in Higher Education, located at Becker College.


Kevin WoodsKevin C. Woods, M.A., C.G.S., G.E.C. chair, department of criminal justice & legal studies, professor of criminal justice recently attended and represented Becker College at the first annual conference of the newly formed Massachusetts Association of Criminal Justice Education (MACJE) at Fitchburg State University. Becker College is now an Institutional Member of the MACJE, and Professor Woods has volunteered to be the Central Massachusetts region representative on the MACJE Executive Board.

Becker College seal Dr. Sheila McAvey, Prof. Curvin Huber, Dr. M.T. Nezam-Mafi, Dr. Janardan Kumar, Prof. Kevin Woods, Dr. James Belpedio and Prof. John Deitrick were mentioned in the lead article for the Worcester Telegram and Gazette's “College Town” on Sunday, June 3, 2012.  Dr. McAvey was interviewed regarding her paper “Fractured Irish Masculinity.”  Read the full text.


Sheila McAveyDr. Sheila McAvey’s paper, “Fractured Irish Masculinity”, has been accepted for inclusion in the 2012 Conference of the International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures (IASIL), held July 30-August 3, 2012, at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.



Becker College Faculty, John Deitrick 120 × 180John Deitrick presented his paper entitled  “Reading History Through the Eyes of Three Poets:  Paul Laurence Dunbar, Claude McKay, and Langston Hughes”  at the 42nd annual Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association conference in Boston on April 11 – 14, 2012. He also chaired the panel, “Literary Explorations Behind the Veil.”

Kerri AugustoSusan WhiteheadKerri Augusto, Ph.D., professor of education and psychology, Susan Nava-Whitehead, Ph.D., assistant professor of science and education, along with Joan-Beth Gow, PhD, assistant professor of biology at Anna Maria College, publish “Bewitching Ideas Influence Learning: An Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary Teaching Experience” in the July/August 2011 Journal of College Science Teaching.  (vol. 40, No. 6, pp. 65 – 69) This article describes the interdisciplinary case-study teaching approach which the professors used in combining biology, psychology, and American history courses which focused on the case study, “Salem’s Secrets,” (Nava-Whitehead and Gow 2008).

Vladimir PistaloVladimir Pistalo, Ph.D., professor of liberal arts, garners international acclaim for his best-selling novels. Vladimir Pistalo, Ph.D., professor of liberal arts, has authored 10 books and numerous stories. His most recent novel, Venice, was published in 2011 and is a bestseller in his native country of Serbia. In December 2011, Venice was on the shortlist of novels in the running for the NIN Literary Award for best novel of 2011. » Read more

Margaret Delano Margaret Delano, D.V.M.associate professor of veterinary science, has presented at many conferences, including the 2012 Massachusetts 4-H Rabbit Workshop and the 2010 American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Delano’s 2010 panel presentation “Successes and Challenges in Developing Higher Education Programs for Laboratory Animal Science” highlighted Becker’s programs along with those from Front Range Community College and Drexel University. Focusing on “the trend toward increasing levels of biosecurity and introduction of sophisticated new technology, as well as increased demand for staff,” the presentation provided the opportunity for attendees to gain insight from experienced educators. Dr. Delano has served on the AALAS Educational Resources Committee since 2008 and is the current chair of that committee. » Read more

Sharon DiPasqualeSharon DiPasquale, instructor of nursing, was a member of the inaugural class of the Faculty Institute for Gerontological Nursing, established by the Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Lowell Department of Nursing.  DiPasquale, was one of ten nursing faculty members selected to participate in this initiative to expand the state’s capacity to educate more nurses to provide quality care in long term care facilities. » Read more

Linda DenaultLinda Denault, Ed.D. professor of education and interim assessment coordinator, contributed two chapters to Creative Solutions to Contemporary Challenges in Small and Rural Schools Across America, published in 2010, with Dr. Nicholas Young and Dr. Christine Michael as editors. » Read more

Anna TitovaAnna Titova, Ph.D. has been appointed the chair of the Mathematics Department. Educated in St. Petersburg, Russia, and at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), where she earned her master’s and doctoral degrees, Anna Titova specializes in undergraduate teaching and learning of mathematics. » Read more

Sheila McAveySheila McAvey, Ph.D., professor of English earned certification for grading the GRE argument task portion of the test’s analytical writing section. Dr. McAvey published, “Sensational Behavior:  Masculinity and Female Desire in Charles Lever’s Sir Brooke Fossbrooke (1866)” at The American Conference for Irish Studies National Meeting, at State College, Pa. in 2010. » Read more

Paul CotnoirPaul D. Cotnoir, Ph.D., accepted an invitation to serve as a judge for the 2012 Nation STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Video Game Challenge. » Read more

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