Sharon DiPasqualeSharon DiPasquale, RN, MSNEd.

Professor of Nursing
Division: Nursing and Health Sciences
Office Location: Health Science Building
Phone: 508.373.9778

Sharon DiPasquale, RN, MSNEd., believes that the most meaningful learning takes place when students are given a voice in the learning process and are able to find connections in the curriculum with their own life and interests. She feels that when students bring their own stories, experiences, and ideas into the classroom there are opportunities for them to work together, learn from each other, and respect their differences.

A graduate of Fitchburg State College, with a bachelor of science in nursing degree, DiPasquale recently continued her education at the University of Phoenix and earned an MSN in education. She has a breadth of nursing experience in clinical patient care and nursing administration, including acute care, community health, long-term care, school health, pediatric and maternal child health, and public education. Her research interests have focused on high-fidelity simulation and the development of critical thinking abilities and gerontology, while her special clinical interests include elder abuse prevention, nutrition, and health care habits of older adults.

DiPasquale also serves as a volunteer court-based mediator for individual and community mediation activities and is an active participant on an emergency response team.

Personal Philosophy

I view education as student-centered—where the instructor plays a critical role in the development of students’ individualized knowledge, skills, and attitudes to guide effective learning. Individual differences need to be recognized, respected, and even celebrated. All students have strengths, and it is the goal of the educator to assist them in identifying and building upon them. Students should be given opportunities to relate their learning and critical thinking skills to not only their own life experiences, but also to social challenges and problems outside of the classroom. Those who follow this student-centered approach in education are able to foster students’ individuality, empower them, build their self-esteem, and enhance their problem-solving abilities in real-life situations.


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