Peixing JiangPeixing Jiang, Ed.D.

Chair, Exercise Science Program
Department: Nursing and Health Sciences
Office: Marsh Hall, Leicester Campus
Phone: 774.354.0647

Dr. Peixing Jiang joined Becker College as the director of kinesiology in 1998 and was named professor and chair of exercise science in 2005. Dr. Jiang is an educator who is passionate about building relationships with his students. He believes his role is to motivate them by sharing his passion and encouraging them to make connections between the subject matter and their real-life experiences.

After pursuing his undergraduate and graduate studies in exercise science at Shanghai University of Sports in China, Dr. Jiang served as a college lecturer and coach at the university. He came to the U.S. in 1991 to pursue his doctoratal studies at the University of Georgia, and then entered the field of biomechanics research.

Specializing in kinesiology and biomechanics, Dr. Jiang has conducted extensive research on gait analysis and other human movement analysis, with the goal of improving physical activities and injury prevention. He has extensively studied the effect of musculoskeletal disorders (in particular, the foot and lower extremity) on the human gait. He has published two peer-reviewed scientific papers and presented research findings at national and international conferences. Dr. Jiang also specializes in the fields of health and fitness assessment and prescription, and strength and conditioning coaching for athletes.

Personal Philosophy

Dr. Peixing Jiang strongly believes that learning to teach is a lifelong process and that it is the teacher’s responsibility to stay current with subject matter, engage in research, and participate in conferences and workshops to increase knowledge and grow professionally. According to Dr. Jiang, the main goal of education is to teach students “how to learn,” rather than to simply memorize facts. He advocates for a teaching strategy that involves giving challenging assignments, relevant course projects, and team-structured work. He understands the importance of keeping up with rapidly evolving technology, and feels that students should understand not only today’s material, but also the materials of tomorrow.

Professional Memberships

American College of Sports Medicine

New England American College of Sports Medicine

National Council on Strength and Fitness


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