Biology Curriculum

The objective of the biology major is to offer a sound undergraduate program that provides a solid foundation for graduate studies or a base of educational experience in preparation for a career immediately after graduation in the biological sciences. Course selection within the major allows sufficient flexibility to accomplish this objective. The courses offered are relevant to many academic disciplines. Numerous science elective choices provide the student with the opportunity to choose a pathway toward special areas of interest in the major. For example, a student, working closely with a faculty advisor, can develop a program directed toward areas such as the human health sciences, laboratory and animal sciences, biotechnology or pre-professional preparation (medical, dental, veterinary and other health sciences requiring post-baccalaureate education). Besides biology, basic sciences and mathematics core courses, the student has the opportunity to personalize the major by making selections from a variety of science elective courses.

The Bachelor’s degree is generally considered the entry level for study in biology and serves as the pathway for graduate degrees in biology, a variety of specific master’s degrees in the sciences, and a number of professional courses of study such as pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, physician’s assistant, and medicine.

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

Science electives for Biology include:

ANSC2000 Introduction to Laboratory Animal Science 2 credits
ANSC2401 Animal Nutrition 3 credits
ANSC2501 Animal Breeding 3 credits
EXSC2205 Structural Kinesiology  3 credits
FORE2001 Introduction to Forensics 4 credits
FORE2002 Collection/Preservation of Evidence 4 credits
PSYC2603 Brain and Behavior 3 credits

3000+ Science electives for Biology include:

ANSC3100 Animals in Society 3 credits
ANSC3503 Equine Reproduction and Breeding Management 3 credits
ANSC4700 The World of Research 3 credits
BIOL3201 Primatology 3 credits
BIOL3202 Histology 4 credits
BIOL3520 Genomics 3 credits
EQST3701 Equine Biomechanics and Conformation 3 credits
EQST4201 Equine Pathology and Diseases 3 credits
EXSC3105 Nutrition 3 credits
EXSC3300 Exercise Physiology 4 credits
EXSC3500 Human Sexuality 3 credits
VTSC3100 Laboratory Animal Management 3 credits
VTSC3400 Immunology 3 credits
VTSC4102 Laboratory Animal Diseases 3 credits
BIOL4902 Intership II 3 credits

Note:  prerequisites must be met for all courses.
Open electives may be used for this purpose.

While the distribution of science electives representing 15 credits is shown as 6 courses, since course credit loads vary from 2 to 4 credits, the actual number of courses taken may vary.  The requirement is 15 credits with no more than 8 credits at the 2000 level.

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