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NEW Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood and Youth Education

The Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood and Youth Education will enable students to prepare for growing career opportunities with young children from infancy to age 14 and out-of-school time. Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care has developed a system based on the knowledge and skills that are necessary to be effective in working with children and youth. The National Child Care Information Center(NCCIC) defines these skills as, “the range of knowledge and observable skills that adults working with young children need to facilitate child learning and development, linked to early learning guidelines.”

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Pre-Med/Health Studies Concentration

Medical schools vary widely in what is required of their students. Most encourage students to explore a wide range of courses outside the sciences and strive for a balanced and liberal education rather than specialized training. In fact, a Harvard Medical School study has shown that students are successful in their medical studies regardless of their undergraduate concentration, as long as they demonstrate an aptitude in the biological and physical sciences.

Psychology majors constitute the second-largest major of students in medical school and those interested in health-related professions. This background of study holds particular value for those pre-med students who are interested in psychiatry, pediatrics, or behavioral medicine.

Health and Human Services Concentration

Health care and related fields comprise some of the most rapidly growing careers in the U.S., and are expected to grow even more as the population continues to age. The concentration in health and human services provides students with education in the theory and practice of service delivery, public education, and social policy.  Graduates are prepared for further education in the areas of public health, social work, rehabilitation counseling, and other service fields.  Practical experience in human services prepares students for entry-level employment in a variety of settings providing community-based service in the areas of behavioral and mental health.

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts

Pre-Law Concentration

Law schools are looking for students with varied backgrounds and a strong foundation in the liberal arts. The pre-law concentration prepares students for future studies related to a career in a legal setting, including work in a private practice or in large corporations, higher education, and administration. The skills developed in the classroom will provide students with options to continue their education in law school and placement in law enforcement, legal and juvenile justice, victims’ services and community-/institutional-based corrections areas, federal, state, and local level criminal justice and administrative agencies, law enforcement, corrections, and public and private security.

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