Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

The core curriculum is designed so that students can develop an appreciation of the philosophical, ethical and aesthetic issues that have evolved throughout human history.

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Nora McDonald '13, Liberal Arts

Nora McDonald '13, Liberal Arts

For Nora McDonald, versatility is part of her strength; versatility is essential to her academic experience.

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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts

The study of liberal arts is not just a term for being undecided about your major or not knowing what you want to do in your career. While some students know exactly what they want to do from the moment they arrive on campus, the truth is that a large number of college students do not know what they want to major in—or even what career they will pursue after graduation.

Studying liberal arts is one effective way to prepare for engaging in an ever-evolving and ever-changing world.  At Becker College, the liberal arts program provides you with balanced exposure to major achievements in the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Core curriculum is designed so you can develop an appreciation of the philosophical, ethical, and aesthetic issues that have evolved throughout human history. During your course of study, you will be encouraged to explore three basic themes: “The Literary Tradition,” “Historical and Contemporary Ways of Viewing the World,” and “Self and Society.” You may also select a concentration in elementary education, which complements the core curriculum with courses that prepare you for specialized employment or graduate work.

A bachelor of arts in liberal arts degree ensures you are well-prepared to enter the workforce with such skills as reasoned investigation, analysis of the influence of multiple perspectives, and clear and effective communication. In-depth study of a particular area of interest will prepare you for specialized graduate work in law, government, humanities, social services or administration, journalism, communication, public policy/organization, and secondary and undergraduate education.

To that end, Becker College now provides opportunities for students to develop minors within or outside of their majors. Currently, available minors are psychology, addiction counseling, American studies, creative writing, literature, film and literature, equine studies, exercise science, and health and science. More minors are under consideration.

For more information about the Becker College liberal arts program, call 877.523.2537 or email

Learning Outcomes:

Measurable program objectives.  Students will:

  1. Think critically and express their ideas clearly, directly, forcefully, and logically.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to incorporate and interpret research sources responsibly in written oral inquiry or presentation.
  3. Acknowledge and describe the opposition to one’s argument and concede, where appropriate, and refute counter-argument.
  4. Develop a historical perspective of the world and contemporary issues to understand their place and responsibilities in the global community.

Demonstrate an understanding of the human experience through a study of history, literature, philosophy, religion, languages and the arts and examine representative intellectual and artistic works that express dimensions of the human experience.

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