Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts

Elementary Education Curriculum

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

This is a Massachusetts Department of Education Approved Licensure Program – Initial License (Elementary Education 1-6).

Admission into the Education Licensure Programs: Elementary (1-6)

Students who elect a concentration in Elementary Education* are provided preparation for certification to teach grades 1 – 6 in inclusionary classrooms. All education courses are designed to meet the criteria of best current practices drawn from National Standards and Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Seconary Education Standards.**

Enrollment in prepracticum courses (EDUC3305, EDUC3300, EDUC3101, and EDUC3102) requires students to have achieved a passing grade in the Communication and Literacy Skills MTEL.

* For admission into the upper division courses in Elementary Education (junior and senior year), students must have achieved a passing score on the Communications and Literacy Section of the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure (MTEL).

Passing scores are required on the Massachusetts Tests of Educator Licensure (MTEL): Communication and Literacy and Foundations of Reading in order to enroll in EDUC4201 (Elementary Education Practicum) and EDUC4202 (Elementary Education Seminar) in the senior year.

** Teacher Licensure Requirements: The Massachusetts Department of Education requires all licensure candidates to take and pass three Massachusetts Tests of Educator Licensure (MTEL): in Communication and Literacy, Foundations of Reading, and Subject Matter in Elementary Education.

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