Interactive Media Design Student Work

Game Design Student Work
  • 3D Model By David Drouin

  • 3D Model By Jered Letourneau

  • 3D Model By Kyle Mahota

  • 3D Male Profile

  • 3D Model By Matt Sylvia

  • 3D Model By Nick Gaffny

  • 3D Model Tank By Matt Sylvia

  • Illustration By Bailey Applegate

  • 3D Model Cat Head

  • Illustration/Video Game Cover By David Tottman

  • 3D Model Titled Dreamer

  • Illustration By Ilir Moborja

  • Illustration By Eric Mills

  • Illustration By Heather Nichol

  • Illustration By Mellisa Smith

  • 3D Models By Jared Pressman and Melissa Smith

  • Illustration/Video Game Cover By Jared Pressman

  • Illustration By Johnny Nyugen

  • 3D Model Sword By Matt Hopkins

  • Illustration/Video Game Cover By Matt Sylvia

  • 3D Models By Ilir Mborja and Adam DeZago

  • Illustration By Melissa Smith

  • 3D Models By Eric Mills and Mike Feinsmith

  • 3D Model of an Older Male Head

  • 3D Model of a Posed Male

  • Illustration By Amanda Theinert


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Graphic Design Student Work

Graphic Design Student Work
  • Designed by Amanda-Veroneau

  • Designed by Andrew Hyland

  • Designed by Ben Wonjnarowicz

  • Designed by Eric Doan

  • Designed by Erion Minga

  • Designed by Kaitlin Pearson

  • Designed by Kaitlin Pearson

  • Designed by Kara Budd

  • Designed by Katelyn Putelis

  • Designed by Mary Katie Dangoia

  • Designed by Max Denning


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