Bachelor of Arts in Design

After fall 2012, new students are not being accepted into the program.  Change of major requests from current students or requests to transfer into the program from outside Becker College will be evaluated individually.

Interior Design Concentration

Interior design is a profession that attracts those who have a creative and energetic attitude, a strong interest in building customer relationships and meeting the personal and safety needs of clients, and the desire to creatively solve interior design problems. Jobs for interior designers are expected to grow faster than the national average for all careers through 2018. In addition, the increased demand for health care facilities, particularly those focused on delivering quality care to the country’s aging population, is expected to create opportunities for interior designers.

Becker College offers some of the most innovative programs in modern, multi-media design in the country. The Becker College interior design major prepares students for careers in interior design by developing the skills they need for improving and enhancing the function and quality of the interior environment. The interior design program teaches students how to create both functional and aesthetically pleasing atmospheres that meet the physical, practical, safety, and social needs of clients.

The Becker College interior design program provides a strong foundation of fine and visual art skills and techniques, a solid grounding in the College’s liberal arts, business, and professional course work, and hands-on, practical experiences. The Becker College program is unique, in that the classic building blocks of traditional design are paired with contemporary ideas and applications.  Through classroom and practical experiences, interior design students learn underlying design processes and concept development and the necessary skills to become a competent and successful interior designer.

The Becker College interior design curriculum is built on the standards advocated by the Council on Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). Course work is continually assessed to ensure the program is industry-current.

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Learning Outcomes:

Students will have a global view and weigh design decisions within the parameters of ecological,  socio-economic, and cultural contexts.

Students will understand concepts and principles of sustainability as they pertain to building methods, materials, systems, and occupants.

Students will demonstrate design decisions which are informed by knowledge of behavioral science and human factors.

Students will demonstrate the ability to apply all aspects of the design process to creative problem solving.

Students will engage in multi-disciplinary collaborations and consensus building.

Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in oral and written communication, ideation drawings, and presentation drawing using different media.

Students will demonstrate the use of ethical and accepted standards of practice and a commitment to professional development and the industry.

Students will apply knowledge of interiors, architecture, art, and the decorative arts within a historical and cultural context.

Students will apply the elements, principles, and theories of design to two- and three-dimensional design solutions.

Students will apply the principles and theories of color and light.

Students will select and specify furniture, fixtures, equipment, and finish materials in interior spaces.

Students will use the principles of natural and electrical lighting design in their application and selection.

Students will demonstrate  knowledge of interior construction, wood and steel frame, and building systems structural and non-structural systems including ceilings, floors, and interior walls.

Students will demonstrate the ability to use laws, codes, standards, and guidelines that impact the design of interior spaces.

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